COVID-19 Update

Covid 19 Restrictions Update September 17, 2021

September 17, 2021

Covid 19 Restrictions Update September 17, 2021

Before we get into it, thank you again for being an awesome and engaged member of the Work Nicer community. Through every twist and turn over the last 18 months, you’ve been there. It hasn’t always been easy but it’s been made easier because of your commitment to this amazing group of human beings (and pups).

Throughout the pandemic, Work Nicer has followed all government guidance and, with your support, has been able to remain open for all members. All Work Nicer services, benefits, perks and outposts remain available for you to use.

Work Nicer will be rolling out the Restriction Exemption Program announced by the Government of Alberta earlier this week and, for the most part, not much will change for the community.

Starting Monday, September 20, all Work Nicer members and guests will be required to check-in using a simple tap of the familiar Proxy app every time they enter a Work Nicer outpost (the same app you use to access outposts after hours). Rest assured, it only takes a few seconds and there will be an iPad set up for just this purpose at each entrance.

The setup is simple—just open your Proxy App (or ask your guest to download it), click on the “Health Pass”, and upload either proof of vaccination, proof of a negative PCR or rapid test from within the last 72 hours, or documentation of a medical exemption. After that, you simply tap the app on the Proxy check-in iPad when you arrive.

Yes, this is required for every Work Nicer member, guest, and team member—every time.

That said, obviously the government made this change quickly, so to give you time to book your vaccination appointment, or if a guest arrives unaware of the Restriction Exemption Program, each outpost will have a small number of rapid COVID-19 tests on hand for the next few weeks. Just ask a Work Nicer team member for one if you need it.

The Work Nicer team is incredibly grateful for all the love and support seen over the last days, weeks and months—thank you so much and keep being awesome.

Still have questions? Read on below. :arrow_down:


Q: Do I have to check in on the iPad every single time I come into the outpost?
A: Yes, every single time.

Q: What do I do if I don’t have Proxy on my phone?
A: You can download it here. If you do already have it, make sure it’s the latest version.

Q: What do I do if I don’t have a photo of my vaccination record?
A: Take one! If you don’t have a record at all, you can get one here.

Q: What if I can’t take a photo because of issues with my phone?
A: Have you heard of Ring Nicer? :telephone_receiver: It could be your solution…

Q: I have a guest coming in. Do they need to have the Proxy app?
A: Yes. Anyone visiting a Work Nicer outpost will need an immunization record, a medical exemption, or a negative result from a rapid test that had been taken in the last 72 hours (cannot be AHS administered). We are using the Proxy app to make the experience seamless without invading anyone’s private medical records. You can use Proxy for other secure documents such as driver’s licenses too – it’s useful!

Q: How do I get a rapid test?
A: Reach out to Jess or Mac on Slack and they’ll get you sorted!

Q: How do rapid tests work?
A: A team member will walk you through how to use it. All tests must be completed on-site at the outpost. Once you have your result, the team will need to record it with a verbal or written confirmation. You will be able to keep your results until the next time you need to test.

Q: How is my documentation being reviewed?
A: It’s reviewed one time by Mac on the Work Nicer team and never stored beyond that. Mac is the only Work Nicer team. Fun fact: Did you know that Mac was formally an Access to Information and Privacy Act Coordinator with the federal government? We’re all in good hands.

Q: How is my information secured?
A: Proxy is awesome for this very reason. Your personal information is only stored locally on your phone. Communication between your phone and other devices is also encrypted.

Q: Will you share my information for any reason?
A: There’s not much to share, but no, unless we’re forced to by law, obviously.

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