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See you soon! From Justin, who makes things better!

May 21, 2020

See you soon! From Justin, who makes things better!

As the sole Edmonton-based Work Nicer team member, Beaver House is my usual home, but there is something about being at ANY of the Work Nicer outposts. Mainly, it’s the humans I get to interact with. Seeing a big smile or friendly wave as you walk into the outpost, when you’re heading out for lunch, or to end your day. 

The care that you all bring to Beaver House and to each other is inspiring. We’ll soon return to see our plant friends, individually named by us all, like ‘Danny the plant’ which gets special attention fromAndrea. You’ll soon return to make the outpost your own, like Sarah and her messy desk, which now temporarily lives in her home office (she sent me photos to prove it). Also, like DaveShami, and Aaron, who have supported me to keep the outposts and Drink Nicer up to standards. I’m excited about the return to day-to-day impromptu conversations and a little more ‘Brad’ time from Brad at Point Blank Creative and Bradley at Airtrail. We’ll soon gather over a beverage and a bowl of chicken nuggets just like at the Work Nicer Potluck curtousy of Keith and Patty at Howl Media or the Chicken Taste Challenge inspired by the dealcloser team.

The generosity and love of the people in this community amaze me every day. Anytime I get the chance to come to Calgary everyone is so welcoming to me, like when Emily opened up her home, so I had a place to stay while during Calgary Stampede 2019. That’s the cool thing about this community, no matter the city, no matter the outpost, I feel a sense of belonging. I could go on, but I’ll end up naming every person I’ve met so far. I can’t wait to see you all in person from a distance once again soon.

*ridiculous hello/’see you soon’ wave*

See you soon,

Justin Weleschuk
achiever of better, member, and master of puns

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