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See you soon! From, Sarah

May 20, 2020

See you soon! From, Sarah

What an unexpected change in my student fellowship! It has been challenging, however, I am so grateful for the team I am part of that have paved the way for positivity and community. 

There is never a dull moment at Red Mile, with all the dogs running around and people working away with smiles on their faces. I look forward to seeing Danielle in the mornings towering over me as we connect over a cup of coffee. Tyler dragging in his bike by his shoulders every morning. And as much as I hate being scared, I miss Alan’s laughter as he creeps up and frightens me.

At Roxbury, I miss seeing Travis with his headphones in but never misses a smile at you as you walk in. Jen and Lisa in their cozy office aways welcoming me to sit and have a chat about life, events, or anything in between. 

Over the last few months I have been able to connect with members over Zoom and I am so excited to see everyone’s beautiful face in person! 

See you soon,

Sarah Kao
collisions coordinator, member, and events mastermind

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