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Work Nicer Member Spotlight: dogma training & pet services

If you had the chance to work with adorable pups every day, would you? We’re betting the answer is a resounding yes!

Local business owner Megan Stanley and her talented team at dogma training & pet services are doing just that – unleashing a fresh approach to elevate the standard of dog care and training in our fine city. In fact, dogma is Calgary’s only canine education centre for dog owners and dog professionals and Megan is a world-renowned dog trainer – one of the first of four people in Canada to attain CBCC-KA international accreditation.

Putting your best paw forward

Megan started dogma in 2006 with the goal to be proactive and drive change in the (relatively unregulated) industry – where all puppy classes are not equal. It’s more than simply teaching a dog new tricks. It’s focusing on improving dog behaviour (regardless of breed, size or age) to nurture well-mannered, safe dogs. It’s about setting a gold standard in dog care and training – developing urban canines and helping our furry friends succeed in our human world. It’s also about celebrating the fact that humans can learn a thing or two from dogs just as dogs can learn from us!

Picture This: 100 Dogs Wagging Their Tails

It’s not uncommon for the dogma team to see 100 dogs per day at their two locations in Kingsland and Killarney. With upwards of 20 team members (and counting!), dogma believes in maintaining a low staff-to-dog ratio with certified dog trainers on-hand. As you can imagine, the pups take up the bulk of the space at both locations, so traditional office space at dogma is limited. You’ll find Megan along with Hailee Dix (operations manager) at Work Nicer Roxbury once or twice a week, and together with their leadership team every quarter, for meetings, planning and time to focus on the business side of things.

“I love the support from the Work Nicer community. Everyone seems so approachable. If I ever need access or support, this is the first place that I go for support. And vice-versa. I like the community feel.” – Megan Stanley, owner, dogma training & pet services inc.

Wags = High Fives

What better way to recognize your team members than a high-five? Or, in dog-friendly lingo, wags! That’s the hallmark of dogma’s initiative program, where team members get shoutouts for a job well done through wags from fellow teammates and clients. A purpose-over-profit driven company, dogma also takes pride in offering fantastic perks to its team. Dog trainers earn a full-time salary and benefits include unlimited vacation, free continuing education (in-house dog trainer apprenticeship program), mentorship, group financial services, pet bereavement and wellness spending accounts.

Taking a #LoveYYC Approach

Calgary is a pretty dog-friendly city. With a little local love, dogma partners with fellow businesses to host puppy pop-up socials, field trips and dog training classes at Cold Garden, Vin Room and dog-friendly patios and businesses. Puppies and prosecco, anyone?

Puppy Pop-up Socials at Work Nicer

Sounds like a pretty fetching idea, doesn’t it? Puns aside, they say that pet therapy can do wonders for stress relief, creative inspiration and simply putting a smile on your face.

We’re bouncing the idea of puppy pop-up socials at Work Nicer in collaboration with dogma and we’d love to hear what you think! Let us know – howl, bark or tweet us @worknicer

And be sure to follow dogma’s canine adventures (and some pretty cuddly puppy photos to boot!) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @dogmatraining.

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