Work Nicer x Boyle street


WORK NICER x Boyle STreet

Boyle Street Community Services has been a community cornerstone of Edmonton since 1971, helping folks who are facing tough times with homelessness and poverty. Recently, they hit a bit of a snag and needed a new spot to keep doing their amazing work.

That’s where Work Nicer stepped in. Work Nicer is all about the idea that we’re better together – after all, no one succeeds alone. So, when Boyle Street needed a place to crash for a bit, there was no hesitation to open up Work Nicer | Mercer to these local rock stars.

For all you Work Nicer members, and anyone else on the lookout for a productive, fun and supportive place to work and hang out, come on over to Work Nicer | Beaver House. Work Nicer is still doing its thing there while Boyle Street gets settled. Remember, Work Nicer isn’t just about the buildings we occupy; it’s about the community building, inside and outside those walls.

Work Nicer is stoked that Boyle Street can keep up their incredible work without skipping a beat. Want to know more about the news? Check out the links below. And hey, why not swing by Beaver House and see what Work Nicer is all about? See you there!

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