Next stop: Edmonton! Beaver House Pop-Up

//Next stop: Edmonton! Beaver House Pop-Up

Our members say Work Nicer is more than an office space – it’s a community. So, we couldn’t let a little construction get in the way of saying “hello” to Edmonton!

We had a fun pop-up in front of our location to connect with the community and ask how we can best support the vibrant entrepreneur and start-up family in Edmonton. We got some pretty fun answers 😉

You can’t have conversation without coffee, and we drank lot of it (thank you Coffee Bureau!). The hot sun encouraged us to serve up some gelato (shout-out to Fantasia Caffé), all while so many friendships were formed and strengthened.

All Work Nicer members have full, 24/7 access to all Work Nicer Outposts.


Work Nicer is a community that isn’t bound by any four walls. Many Calgary based members have said how they’re so excited to expand their businesses to new communities and new cities with new people. Likewise, the first few members from Edmonton have echoed how they’re thrilled to be a part of building a bridge between Calgary and Edmonton.

More details about Beaver House here:

We are blown away by how welcoming Edmontonians have been.
THANK YOU for stopping by our pop-up. 

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