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The easiest studio booking experience around

Rad Studios is all about making your life easier. That’s why Rad Studios powered by Work Nicer was born, a photo/video studio where you can sit back and let the Rad team take care of everything.

From easy online booking to equipment to getting into the studio. No added charges for sandbags and seamless, it’s all included. You just have to bring your camera and some lights (even though there are some of those if you need them) and yep, this team will take care of the rest.

No more waiting for someone to open the door for you or for keys to be made. Just open the handy Work Nicer app and get in!

And best of all? If you choose the Work Nicer membership option, you’ll get to be part of Alberta’s number one coworking community, where you’ll find other creatives who are as passionate about their work as you are!

---> Rolling c-stands
---> Sand bags
---> DIT card with monitor
---> Make up table, with lights
---> Bathroom/ change room
---> 12ft ladder
---> Seamless paper (White, Black, Chroma Green, Red & Yellow)
---> Apple Boxes
---> Heavy duty cine stands
---> Crank operated super boom
---> Tool kit
---> Rolling dolly
---> Clothing Rach
---> Beer fridge
---> V-Flats x2, with optional diffusion
---> Prophoto acute 2400w strobe pack with three heads (and triggers)
---> Assorted modifiers
---> Lights stands x10

top of the line equipment

pro studio setup

lOTS'A room

What sort of stuff

Rad Studio Pricing

Half Day

$ 450 /4 hours

full day

$ 600 /day
  • As much time as you need, no need to rush!


$ 1,200 /month

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