Stage Manager, What’s That?

I’m Alex, the founder of Work Nicer. This looks like a long post, but I promise it’s worth a read and will only take 2 minutes. 

When starting Work Nicer I had a goal to build a team as quickly as possible, even if it wasn’t clear how we’d afford it or what they’d do. I’ve learned that I have a tendency to hold things too close for too long and the only way for me to be accountable is to build a highly trusted team. I’m going to skip the story of her actual hiring process, but feel free to to ask Phoebe about it – it’s one worth telling.

Phoebe has basically been a part of Work Nicer since the beginning and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have participated in her journey over the last two years. She’s not only seen the company evolve, change, and figure itself out (alongside our members) – she’s been a critical part of that process. Personally, she’s one of the most honest, hard-working, and trustworthy people I know and I’m so thankful she’s a part of my life.

As we continue to grow as a team and a company we will constantly reorganize in order to provide preposterous value to our members. Our company growth requires our team to also grow. Since starting Work Nicer, my role has changed. I’m working on new and changing things like shaping our evolving culture, executing our expansion strategy, continuing to develop our vision, applying our guiding principles, and managing new types of relationships with partners and investors.

That means Work Nicer needs someone to take on the responsibilities that I’m no longer able to do – and frankly, the things that are not my strengths. I was recently asked “Alex, when you’re gone, who’s in charge?” and without hesitation I answered “Phoebe” (and let’s be honest – she’s in charge even when I am here).

I’m extremely excited to announce that Phoebe Davis is stepping into the new role of Stage Manager (think COO) at Work Nicer. She’s going to tell you a little more about what that means below.

Congratulations, Phoebe. I’m so proud of you.


I’m Phoebe. Let me tell you about my last two years at Work Nicer and what’s next.

When Work Nicer welcomes a new member home, we ask them to take a few moments and share their story with us. From embarrassing moments to hopes for their business, we really get to know the people that make up this awesome community. Our Work Nicer team discovers ways to support members. I realize that not everyone may know the stories of our team. My favourite quote, which I’m reminded every day by our members is “take your heart to work and ask the same of everyone else”. I wish I knew who to attribute that saying to, but in that same spirit, I’m happy to share the story of my last two years and my excitement for many more.

This month, I stepped into a new role, as Stage Manager, on my second anniversary with Work Nicer. This year also marks the completion of my degree at Mount Royal in a Bachelor of Communication – Information Design, a milestone that would not be possible without the support of our members and the team here.

There have been many people who welcomed me into the fold here. As a second-year student looking for a work term position, my professor and Work Nicer founding member, Corey Brennan of Elevate Design, encouraged me to apply at Work Nicer. The original position was for a “Communications and Marketing Coordinator” (whatever that means). After an unconventional interview with Alex and Dario, I was excited to get started in a workplace that valued projects with the intent to create value for the community above all else. This attitude was conveyed not only through our first meeting, but also through the “high-tech” door locks and an iPad check-in, which I spent a good five minutes at trying to snap a photo which hid my nervousness at the time. (See below). On my second day, Alex and I attended a networking lunch where I spoke on behalf of Work Nicer. My brief explanation of Work Nicer included the opportunity to get out of the coffee shop or your home office to work in a boutique workspace in downtown Calgary with free printing and coffee. During my second week at Work Nicer, Dario and Alex shared with me that we would be moving to another location on Stephen Avenue right off the train line. Only a month later, with our 30 members, we made the move to our current home base at 630 8 Ave SW on the sixth floor. We continue to expect and cultivate value creation and change.

Work Nicer is our members and they have invited friends and colleagues to join them. I cannot thank this community enough for helping me through my degree and now in my new role as stage manager. It’s incredible to think about how something that started as a simple four-month work term has become such a life-changing experience.

Curious about what a Stage Manager is? Well, think similar to a Director of Operations or compare it to the production of a live show. The stage manager is present for all rehearsals, taking the vision of the director, setting the cues, and calling the show once the curtain goes up. I want to ensure that you have all the props and set pieces that you need to be a star.  For us, members are the actors on stage and we’re here to help you do what you do best.

Me checking in for my Work Nicer interview. Totally not nervous at all.

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