February 9, 2019

Town Hall October 2018

TOWN HALL overview

Work Nicer starts with members and works backwards so we create on your behalf. We promise to continuously listen and learn as we grow together. This is how the Work Nicer that you see today has been built and you’ll be a part of that moving forward. Together we listen, tweak, and reflect on your thoughts and ideas — then look for reasons to say yes. Quarterly Town Halls are part of that.

This is a bit lengthy, but we promise it’s worth the read. Teaser: Read on to learn about how Work Nicer Membership has been levelled up, deets about this years coworking Christmas party, and more.


At the last Town Hall, the Work Nicer team promised to get better at communicating our Guiding Principles. The Guiding Principles are how we make decisions about what’s next and what’s most important. At Town Hall, we shared why, in particular, this Principle has been super relevant recently.


Briefly, we jumped in to an update about three things announced at the last town hall:

  • Talk Nicer Podcast Studio:  This is now live, is included in Work Nicer Membership, and can be booked on the Member Centre calendar. We also announced that the Work Nicer Podcast, called The Room Where It Happens, is accepting requests to be interviewed as of October 15. Check the Member Centre Help Desk for more details about how to book.
  • Show & Tell: So far there have been four successful Show & Tell events. These are short and sweet events where we dive into what two members are all about, how they can help the community, and how the community can help them. They’ve been well received. Over 100 people have attended and they’ve said they feel more connected to their Work Nicer community (4.5 out of 5) and would attend again (4.8/5).
  • Health Benefits: Working for yourself or having a small team often means benefits aren’t something that make it to the top of the priority pile. We wanted to change that. Now, anyone, whether a freelancer or a team, have access to the most affordable benefits with no pre-existing condition limitations. Check the Member Centre Help Desk for more details and a link to get signed up.


At Town Hall in June there were 20 points of feedback that the team took away from the Round Table. We are committed to reporting back on the status of all those suggestions at the following town hall. We accomplished 11, are currently working on 6, and reported back as to why we are not going to do 3 of them – which you’ll notice, aren’t all that unreasonable 🙂


Many Work Nicer members have personally reached out to us and asked if there is anything they can do to lend a hand. Why? Because they’ve been so impacted by their Work Nicer experience that they’d like to empower others to share in that as well. The Work Nicer team has been working hard on how to make that happen. The first step was to identify what the Work Nicer community needs from you as members. The second was to define what Alex, Arielle, and Phoebe need from you as humans.

We’ve listened and are very excited to roll out the Work Nicer Community Host program. The program will honour and recognize those members who have been impacted, made their support of Work Nicer known, and want to contribute further to the building of this awesome community.

We’ll have more details soon, but to start, keep an eye out for Scotch Nicer on November 16th with Work Nicer Members Jane Zhang and Russ Dyck.



If you’ve been following Work Nicer, you know that 2018 has been a big year of community growth and physical construction. Unfortunately, it’s all taken longer than it should. Work Nicer Beaver House in Edmonton was supposed to open during Summer and Work Nicer Red Mile in Calgary was supposed to open this Fall. Both are now slated for late November. You’re going to see a lot more information coming as these outposts actually open up, so we’ll keep the rest of the update minimal. There are only a couple private offices left at Work Nicer Red Mile and we’re in the process of getting initial members on board in Edmonton. Please let the Work Nicer team know if you have someone that would benefit from Work Nicer and we’d love to chat with them.


One request received during Town Hall in June was a “Job Board”, of sorts. Currently, Work Nicer members connect rather often on Slack for all sorts of things, including informal job posts or needs. In response to this, we’ve rolled out Community Profiles.

Providing Work Nicer members a way to connect, support each other in business, alleviate pain points, and help their clients is absolutely core to building community. This isn’t something that should cost extra or be an add-on feature to membership as some shared workspaces do.

Now, as a member, you can simply search in the “Community” section of the Member Centre for keywords around who you need to connect with. Members, make sure you complete your profile today and include keywords that someone would be searching for in terms of your skillset. As always, you’re welcome to ask the team or post on Slack.


As mentioned, there were 20 points of feedback from Town Hall in June. This time, we challenged members to provide even more than that. And they provided 21 ways that might make Work Nicer even better. The ideas range from community yoga and book clubs to hot tubs and zip lines. It’s safe to say we won’t implement all of those, but are already at work on several of them. Join us at the next Town Hall on January 10th to hear the full update summary.


On December 16th, celebrate 2018 with an unforgettable holiday party at Trolley 5 Brewpub.

We don’t work by ourselves, so we shouldn’t celebrate by ourselves either. By banding together as members, we can treat our employees & clients to a big business sized party, on a small business budget. From prosecco at the door, door prizes and personalized “backstage passes” (with YOUR company logo on it), we’ve planned a $20k party starting at only $50. Including Prosecco upon arrival, drink tickets, appetizers, live band, and more.

Tickets are available now. Purchase before October 31 and you’ll be entered into a draw to win your tickets. Click here to grab them.


Work Nicer started in a much different place than where it is now.

Three years from now, I presume we’ll be saying this same thing about today, but Work Nicer has changed since the beginning – a lot.

Yes, at the beginning, we knew where we were going and have obviously added a huge number of benefits, but we certainly didn’t know everything. We still don’t. However, we have learned a lot.

We’ve learned who we really are and how fundamentally valuable Work Nicer is to members.

We’ve learned how Work Nicer members get value from their membership in various ways.

We’ve learned that every member uses Work Nicer differently and that no two Work Nicer experiences are the same.

Knowing all this, we’ve responded by evaluating the Work Nicer offering and how it can encourage you to dig into the community and its toolbox of resources. So, here’s a few slides on what this means for you.







We’ve learned that members value Work Nicer because it goes beyond the basics and focuses on members first. You have the opportunity to decide how the community works for you and how your talents can help other members.

Because your membership goes beyond the basics, you can ask for more than what many shared workspaces list as their sole offering. We consider that only as a starting point. But of course you get this too:





So, what’s the point?

We’re so excited to announce that membership has been realigned with how members use and see value in their Work Nicer experience.

Work Nicer Membership is only 400/mo. Simple as that. To honour the commitment and contribution over the last three years, current members and new members who join prior to December 31, will receive membership at only 350/mo until 2020.

There’s still no up-selling, nickel-and-diming, add-ons, or hidden fees.

Plus membership drops by 25/mo for every member added to your team, saving up to 100/mo, each.

Also included, are two guest passes every month for your coworkers, friends, or clients to buckle down alongside you without the need for them to have a separate membership. Non-profit membership is only 250/mo.

This realignment eliminates any current structure, with the exception of private offices. If this reduces the current membership rates for you or your team, you’ll be moved over right away. Otherwise, if you’d like to move to this membership before January just let us know – we’ll make the change upon your request. If we don’t hear from you before December 15, 2018, we’ll make the change at that time.


Thank you to everyone who attended the second ever Work Nicer Town Hall. The next one is scheduled for January 10, 2019 so pencil it in!

Chat soon!

Alex, Phoebe and Arielle


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