COVID-19 Community Updates

Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Work Nicer community has and will continue to prove that no one succeeds alone. None of us have planned for this or know exactly what’s next – which is the hardest part. The togetherness that exists in this community is what keeps us going. 

Above all else, Work Nicer’s most valuable resource is each other. In the coming weeks and months, it’s likely that many of us will experience some sort of anxiety and isolation. Anxiety and isolation are precisely what we’ve aimed to curb as a community. Perhaps now, when we need each other the most, is the time to stand even closer together in mutual support. Being forced apart is showing us all how much we need each other.

The Work Nicer homepage will transform into a central resource. Here you’ll be able to find information about what’s going on in the community. You’ll also be able to find some of the ways that others have offered to help get through this and more

Keeping you informed

Community COVId-19 Updates

Work Nicer Coworking Calgary and Edmonton

Community Update

Work Nicer Hey Members! The team is working extremely hard to communicate with you, supplement this awesome community online in as many ways as possible,

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Work Nicer Co Working | Calgary and Edmonton

Preparing for What’s Next

Part of Work Nicer is bringing us physically together. In recent discussions with advisors and in paying attention to government announcements, it appears as though the government may be readying next steps…

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Work Nicer Co Working | Calgary and Edmonton

The Work Nicer

MembeRS Circle

Members in this community are committing time, twice a week, to talk about uncertainty and ways to move forward. As a Work Nicer member, you can bring forward any questions you have and receive immediate feedback. Join the # member-circle channel on slack to get connected

Work Nicer Co Working | Calgary and Edmonton

Things You should know about:

Virtual Events


Member Circle Virtual Meeting

30 min Virtual Meeting Every Tuesday & Friday @10am


Virtual Drink Nicer

Same great Happy Hour, just virtually. Come hang out and share some laughs with the Work Nicer community!



Have you met Bob? Bob has been part of Work Nicer as a member and coach since its beginnings in 2015.
Now, Bob is an important part of the Work Nicer team and culture as the Work Nicer Navigator.
Every morning M-F at 11, Bob is stopping for a coffee break. Join him sipping coffee and have some interesting conversations.


The Wellness Incubator: A Conversation on Mental Wellness

Work Nicer is so fortunate to host the incredible @ Connie Jakab from @ Wellness Innovate this Thursday April 2nd at 10AM for ‘The Wellness Incubator: A Conversation on Mental Wellness’.Connie is speaker, author and coach and has a wonderful way of creating a normalcy and lightness around mental wellness. Being an entrepreneur amidst a pandemic is a struggle to navigate-you are not alone. Connie will take us on a guided experience through meaningful conversations that will allow every voice to be heard and to learn how to support those struggling (be it yourself or loved ones). You will leave feeling connected with tools for mental wellness! Free event and open to all.


Email Marketing & Automation

Join Gabe Kane from BRANDWASHED to discuss best practices for Email Marketing & Automation. We’ll discuss  automation triggers, goals, types of sequences/automations, tips for copy, subject lines, segmentation, & best platforms for different use cases.