You Belong Here

Membership at Work Nicer doesn’t mean renting a desk and sharing coffee mugs. Work Nicer is a community that rallies together to work through the struggles, celebrate the wins, and believes no one succeeds alone. Whatever you’re up to – a fellow member has walked through it.

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Walk Your Walk

Whether you’re the graphic designer who hates accounting; the accountant who hates graphic design; or somewhere in between, there’s a member who can help. You started your business to do what you love and so did the hundreds of other members at Work Nicer. These are like-minded people who are experts in doing the things that you don’t love to do. They are nearby and able to support you so you can stay on track and accelerate your passion.


Membership makes it so you can connect whenever, however, and with whomever on a daily basis. Get out of your basement! Get motivated. Find accountability with your new found community. To help you along you can participate in fun activities like Show & Tell, field trips, pop-ups, ‘Nicer Than Your Family Holiday Dinner’ dinners, and Drink Nicer. We also work with some pretty cool partners. A few things to check out are The Struggle is Real, the Talk Nicer Podcast Studio, and Work Nicer Wellness.

They are always doing new things, holding events and getting feedback from existing members. A great community for anyone looking for an office or floating desk. As a freelancer, the space allows me work with others and be more productive. Riley Kearl


I ended up at Work Nicer after visiting a few other places because of the care the team took to make sure they found a catered solution that worked best for me. Now a few months in, it is evident that sense of care extends into how they operate here daily – they are true gems. Ralph Sadowski


If you appreciate being on the cutting edge and pushing the envelope of what it means to truly enjoy going to work and getting sh*t done, this place is for you. Seriously, go check them out. Sam Bechtel

Southbase Creative

This isn’t just a coworking space for entrepreneurs. It’s a family of support, smiles and smarts! Claudia Martens

Confident Claudia

Work Nicer Coworking

Guiding Principles


Provide preposterous value without the nonsense

We make decisions with a long term view that adds value to members. We believe it’s best to keep current members rather than find new ones. When members recognize value over cost, they stay for life.


Enable dramatic impact without the drama

Positively impacting the lives and businesses of Work Nicer members is the core to our success. Being a catalyst that changes the course of the member journey fosters deep loyalty.


Do what’s hard because growth comes from struggle

We scale the unscalable. We never cut corners. We are not a real estate company. We are rooted in community. By scaling the human element a rock-solid foundation is built and that’s tough to shake as we continue to move forward.


Do what’s right because character is all we really have

We govern ourselves on the decisions we make when no one else is looking. Our word is our bond. We are patient. We do what we say and always tell the truth, especially when it’s hard.

Your Outposts

Stephen Ave

In the heart of downtown Calgary, this vibrant area will help keep you energized and connected throughout the day.


Situated in Calgary's Beltline community, dubbed the coziest outpost, is walking distance from both downtown and 17th Ave. 

Beaver House

Nestled between Rogers Place and Jasper Avenue, this outpost is in heart of the Capital’s bustling innovation district.

Red Mile

Named after the Calgary Flames playoff run, Red Mile, located on 17th Ave, is the centre of activity – day or night.

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