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Town Hall Update: November 5, 2020

During this Town Hall, we celebrated the community in its successes over the last eight months. It’s clear that Work Nicer and its members are tenacious, taking each change and embracing what’s next together. This community would not exist without members and their persistence to thrive during challenging times. Read on to learn what Work Nicer is doing to support members as they grow, plus how Work Nicer is adapting to embrace what’s next in coworking and community.

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Work Nicer Coworking Calgary and Edmonton

Introducing the Work Nicer Membership Growth Fund

The Work Nicer Membership Growth Fund is a $300,000 membership credit program available to both existing and new members who are looking to grow, innovate, or seize opportunities during these challenging times. Fill out the application form and be sure to include all the wonderful, wild and innovative ideas you have to grow. Don’t be afraid to think big, we can’t wait to hear what you have in mind!

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Work Nicer is Growing

Like all of you, the Work Nicer team has navigated several challenging months, realizing our strengths and evaluating the next steps forward for the company.

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