COVID-19 Update

Announcing Member Circle

March 18, 2020

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We are in tough times. We want you to know that we’ve heard you. We know that you’re concerned about the future, and to be candid, we are right there with you. But let’s remember it’s still early, and this too shall pass.

There are lots of questions being asked around what this reality means for the Work Nicer community and your membership. Questions like: 

How will your membership still provide value should we outpost doors be required to close during this time?

As the team works hard to determine the best steps forward for the community, we’re asking that you stick with us while we work with stakeholders and partners in the coming days and weeks. If you’re concerned, please talk to us directly. We want to make sure that each and every member succeeds while ensuring the Work Nicer community is there for you in the long term too. It’s simply too early to know everything. We are still at the beginning and are learning new information each day.

That being said, Work Nicer is working to address all questions and in a way that aligns with the Work Nicer Guiding Principles. These guiding principles have always guided our decision-making in both good times and in bad. Your patience, compassion, and support mean the world to us right now. Sincerely, thank you to those who continue to support us as we determine the best steps forward for the community.

In terms of the physical outposts, all Work Nicer outposts will remain open until further notice. We will continue to follow government direction and we are continuing to implement precautionary measures to keep the outpost as safe as possible. Even when working at home we want you to remember there is value, perhaps now more than ever, in the Work Nicer community.

This community has always been rooted in the belief that “no one succeeds alone” and now is the time to show up for one another. We have seen a number of members step up and offer support to each other. Inspired by this movement, we’re introducing the Member Circle. Thirty members who are leading in their respective industries have taken the initiative to start this conversation now. These amazing leaders in everything from finance, marketing, mental health, legal, and more.

The Member Circle will be a 30-minute, twice a week, online session (and ongoing Slack channel) where all members can bring forward any questions and receive immediate feedback. We believe that in times of uncertainty it’s important to talk about our questions and concerns with one another. I know for me, I don’t always know what I need until I start talking about it. As Work Nicer members, we are incredibly lucky to have these resources at our fingertips and in our community.

We know these are and will continue to be tough times and we can not reiterate enough that no one succeeds alone.

Help the circle grow
Join: #member-circle channel on Slack
Save the date: Friday, March 20, 10:00 am
Zoom link to follow

Once again, thank you,


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