COVID-19 Update

November Outpost Updates: New COVID-19 Guidelines

November 23, 2020

November Outpost Updates: New COVID-19 Guidelines

With increasing cases of COVID-19 across Alberta, Work Nicer recognizes that continued proactive action is essential to share best practices for maintaining a healthy community. As such, Work Nicer has reviewed the updated guidelines and recommendations released by the Government of Alberta and Alberta Health Services. Considering the Workplace Guidance direction Business Owners and sector-specific guidance for Office Buildings recommendations, we’re outlining Work Nicer’s renewed commitments to outposts and the community according to the new government guidelines.

How the Members Gather: 

Considering the many ways Work Nicer comes together, we wanted to remind you of the many ways to stay connected and involved. Typically in December, you and your business get even busier with holiday preparation and year-end to-dos. With the additional pressures of 2020, Work Nicer encourages members to take time for themselves, their community, and their relationships. Here are the upcoming opportunities to continue your connection with the Work Nicer community. Weekly Yoga classes at Work Nicer Rail Yards will continue online at noon. To learn more about how to attend, #wellness channel on Slack for all the attending details. The Work Nicer team will host Drink Nicer virtually from all outposts. Grab a seat and a local beverage and connect with someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Even while not at the outposts, we challenge you to use your Friday at 4 pm “appointment” to call a friend or fellow member! Chat about something you’re working on right now or what you’re looking forward to in 2021. 

While Working in the outpost:

Work Nicer has established physical distancing measures in all outpost shared areas like open tables and kitchens. In addition to distanced furniture set up, you’ll notice half-circles on the ground throughout the outposts as visual reminders to create distance! Although we know to maintain 6ft distance from each other and to practice good hygiene and handwashing, there are signs and disinfecting stations to remind you to keep your areas and shared spaces clean. Members can use these disinfecting stations after the use of boardrooms, tables, and kitchens. These measures will help support rigorous cleaning done daily by the Work Nicer team and cleaning staff.

Work Nicer is asking now all members to wear face coverings at all times while in the outposts when appropriate physical distancing is not possible.  We also encourage all members and visitors to conduct the COVID self-assessment each day.

[Update November 24, 2020] All previously outlined Work Nicer guidelines remain the same with the exception that masks are now mandatory when physical distancing (6 feet) is not possible. This was previously a voluntary recommendation that we welcome becoming mandatory. Wearing masks allows all of us to feel comfortable continuing to run our businesses while still being able to get out of the house whenever we need or want to – even if that means you choose to work from home a bit more over the next little while.

Visitors and Clients

To visit any Work Nicer outpost, members’ clients and visitors must complete an electronic questionnaire for entry eligibility. We anticipate that Work Nicer outposts will remain accessible to all members and their guests, provided this check-in system continues to be used by visitors regularly.

These proactive measures are only a part of ensuring healthy members and outposts. Work Nicer knows that these recommendations can empower members to contribute to safety as a collective responsibility no matter the context. If you need any additional information, please continue to reach out to [email protected] Thank you to this community for your continued commitment. We are all in this together because, as always, No One Succeeds Alone. 

See you soon! 

Work Nicer Co Working | Calgary and Edmonton 

Alex and Your Work Nicer Team 

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