COVID-19 Update

What A Week!

March 17, 2020

What a week it has been. We hope all of you have settled into new routines and a new normal during this historic and trying time. I have a few updates to share with you today. But first, thank you so much for your continued support of each other and the community overall. This is the fuel that keeps the team going and does not go unnoticed. I urge you to tune into Slack and on social media to see what everyone else is up to – I truly find it encouraging. Thank you.

Member Circle

With so much information right now, you may have missed my previous message about the Work Nicer Member Circle. This circle will be led by you as we reconnect virtually as a community and tackle the pressing questions in 30 minutes. 30+ “leaders” in their respective fields have stepped up to provide advice. Join over 65 members (so far), on the #member-circle Slack channel that will be zoom-ing together and discussing solutions to overcome the business challenges presented right now. Tomorrow, March 20, at 10 am. Join the Slack channel and watch for the zoom link to be posted there tomorrow morning.

Outpost Access

Work Nicer outposts remain open. As continued internal team adjustments continue, we’ve been working with property managers to ensure the doors are secured at all outposts, accessible by a physical fob at Stephen Ave, or via Proxy everywhere else. While the Work Nicer team is still in and maintaining each outpost daily, the team may not present at all outposts at all times. Of course, if there are urgent needs at any outpost, someone, from the team will be dispatched to continually support you.  If you do not have a physical fob for Stephen Ave or Proxy Access please reach out to [email protected].

Mail Handling

Mail is still being delivered and is checked regularly. If you are waiting for a particular item in the mail (such as a cheque) please reach out in the #help-desk on slack, so a team member can notify you of its arrival and take whatever action you need.

Gym at Stephen Ave Outpost and Amenity room at Beaver House

Building management has asked that we advise you about the gym at the Stephen Ave and the Amenity room at Beaver House has been temporarily closed. You’ll be notified when it reopens.

Town Hall

As a reminder, Town Hall was postponed while the team directs efforts toward supporting the community with immediate needs. Please tune into the Member Circle tomorrow.
We will continue to get through this together.

No one succeeds alone,

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