Welcome to the team, Jenn!

/ Welcome to the team, Jenn!
Welcome to the team, Jenn!
Hello, everyone!

About a month ago, we announced to Work Nicer members that the Work Nicer team grew by one. Now, it’s time to publicly welcome Work Nicer’s first Culture Evangelist, Jenn Lippa. She picked that title herself :-)

As many of you know, the Work Nicer Team has been up to a whole heck of a lot recently and we just need some help.

During our search it became clear there was a lot of areas in which Work Nicer could benefit from outside perspective. We obviously needed someone who aligns with our values, add to and challenge our opinions, can handle the chaos of our small team, and believes in the Work Nicer that we’re all building together.

Meet Jenn Lippa.

Jenn was originally referred to Work Nicer by two close friends who said “If we could hire her, we would”. That’s a pretty glowing endorsement. Work Nicer is about building community and Jenn has spent the last four years at Benevity - a community of coworkers that has grown from around 80 to over 400 during that same time.

During her time at Benevity, Jenn assisted charities around the world with building their relationships with large corporations and increasing their involvement in corporate giving programs. Jenn will focus on doing whatever she can to ensure Work Nicer members are taken care of. That the culture of community, culture of building, and culture of giving that exists here is understood, amplified, and shared.

We’re a small team so Jenn will be jumping in wherever needed but will specifically be working on building out and managing the Work Nicer Community Host program that was announced at Town Hall in October, facilitate deeper connections amongst the Work Nicer community through events and programming, as well as improving the new + ongoing member experience.

When you see her, please stop by, say hi - and join us in making her feel welcome to Work Nicer.

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