Town Hall October 2018

TOWN HALL overview Work Nicer starts with members and works backwards so we create on your behalf. We promise to continuously listen and learn as we grow together. This is how the Work Nicer that you see today has
February 9, 2019
Work Nicer Co Working | Calgary and Edmonton

Looking for: a new team member

The Work Nicer Team is Growing Work Nicer is looking for someone to join the Work Nicer team in Edmonton, Alberta. While this role will have a marketing and communications focus, in true Work Nicer fashion, this team member
February 7, 2019

The ups, the downs: THE PROCESS

the ups, the downs: the process Alex here. I got my first tattoo last summer. It says “the process”. This little video tells you what it’s about but let me just say that it’s pretty damn appropriate for me
October 10, 2018

First Ever Town Hall

first ever town hall If you’re ever wondering what the heck we’re up to (hint: it’s pretty awesome)… read on! One of our guiding principles is to provide preposterous value without the nonsense. We accomplish this by constantly listening
July 12, 2018

The First Edmonton Member (!)

Work Nicer Member Spotlight: David Botwick-Ries A dude who ‘gets’ community If you’re a part of the Edmonton entrepreneurial community, you probably know David Botwick-Ries. David has ran past coworking communities, is active in many Edmonton events and is
May 31, 2018

Why A Mental Health Leave Can Make A World of Difference

    I’m Alex, the founder of Work Nicer (on the right up there in the photo). The past two and half years since opening the doors at Work Nicer have been absolutely crazy and awesome. Some of you
April 4, 2018
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