July 12, 2018

First Ever Town Hall

first ever town hall

If you’re ever wondering what the heck we’re up to (hint: it’s pretty awesome)… read on!

One of our guiding principles is to provide preposterous value without the nonsense. We accomplish this by constantly listening to our members about what to add, change, and do next.

We’ve done this informally and through various surveys, including our annual member survey. Now we have launched quarterly Work Nicer Town Halls. The Town Hall is a place for our members, what they want more of from Work Nicer, flag issues or concerns, and hear announcements from the Work Nicer team. If you missed this one, no worries at all! The next Town Hall will be held October 4th – add it to your calendar!


After each Town Hall we will publish the conversation. Learn all about the latest and keep up with what’s new at Work Nicer this summer below!
SNEAK PEAK: a podcast studio, a new outpost (WHAT?!), and health benefits for entrepreneurs (that don’t cost an arm and a leg – so you can keep your arm and leg).



You may not have heard our guiding principles yet, so we’re going to do a better job of communicating them more often. Underneath each principle is a metric from our annual Work Nicer Member Survey that represents how we’re doing. 



In the 2nd annual member survey, you asked for a few things. In addition to Town Halls, another three are shown above. At the Town Hall, we announced our solutions to each one. Read on to learn more about each of them. 


In visiting 40+ coworking spaces, Alex found that many aren’t welcoming and make members feel like intruders. Work Nicer is a toolbox for our members to use however you need. Welcome home. 


Parking can be tricky. Fortunately at Stephen Ave, we are right along the cycle track, the C-Train line, and Centennial Parkade. At Roxbury, parking is easier and now we offer a floating parking spot in two lots on the same block for only 150/mo. We’ll take care of the adminstration and include it with your membership payment.
Just get in touch with the team and we’ll set you up.


Community doesn’t stop at the four walls of any Work Nicer outpost. It continues into the world where we spend the rest of our time. We’re always looking for ways to support our friends in the community while creating preposterous value for our members. Enter: Pig & Duke. They’ve created a special Work Nicer menu for you.
On Fridays at Roxbury (expanding to Stephen Ave after Stampede), and then eventually to more days of the week. Yum!


Right from day one it’s been a goal to find a way to provide amazing, cost effective health, wellness, and dental benefits to our members. It’s hard to do as most providers require a minimum number of employees, direct company billing, and other restrictions.
We’ve found a way to roll out incredible benefits that are cost-effective, no employee minimums, customizable and extensive coverage, with ongoing enrolment. It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity for entrepreneurs, small businesses owners, and their families. Keep the benefits as long as you’re a Work Nicer member.  
There will be an article posted on the Work Nicer Member Help Desk on July 16th so you can enrol as early as August 1st. On an ongoing basis, enrolment will be offered monthly. 



Things that get in the way of people sharing their stories: technology & equipment, branding & hosting, know how, validation, support, money, space, time, and more. What happens at Work Nicer shouldn’t stay at Work Nicer.
Now you can book time right on the booking calendar. Pop in and have someone help you record your podcast. Next, we’ll edit it, host it, and promote it for you. This is a great way for our members to share what they know with the world and for members to get to know one another. Tell the world about what you are doing.
All included in your membership. Book your time starting on Wednesday afternoons starting July 25th.


This is where the community gathers and opens the conversation for two members to share their business’ story. Each member will get 15 minutes, then open it up for a discussion for 30 minutes. We’re excited to see what our members do with it, who they connect with, and what they learn. They’ll start out being every Wednesday at 10:00am with bagels and coffee. Contact Arielle to get yourself on the schedule! 
We only get better when we know where we’re dropping the ball. Town Hall is another place to formally create a platform for members to tell us where we need to do better. The feedback we received is provided above and we’ve already actioned some of them. The others are a priority for us to get completed prior to the next Town Hall. Thank you to everyone for continuing to share where we can do better. 



Our members asked for a variety of different types of workspaces and we’re able to deliver more of that with Work Nicer Red Mile (coming Fall 2018). It’s named after the famed Red Mile from the Calgary Flames Playoff run. 
We’re excited to be a part of the story as 17th Avenue evolves. Located at the epicentre of an entire redevelopment of 17th Avenue, it simply makes sense for Work Nicer members to show the city that there’s a different way to approach the way to do things. 
Red Mile will feature 12 foot floor to ceiling windows providing amazing views of downtown & 17th Ave. Vast open work space, event space, high-top working stations, and a “hyper-focus” area that’s a bit quieter and tucked away. As always, your membership provides you 24/7 access to all Work Nicer Outposts.
We were blown away by how many members showed up, cheered us on and shared insights.

Alex, Phoebe and Arielle