May 31, 2018

The First Edmonton Member (!)

Work Nicer Member Spotlight: David Botwick-Ries


A dude who 'gets' community

If you’re a part of the Edmonton entrepreneurial community, you probably know David Botwick-Ries.

David has ran past coworking communities, is active in many Edmonton events and is just an all-around good friend for all.

Best yet, if you ever want to grab a coffee with him, he’s always game.


We met David a year and a half ago while making friends and building relationships in Edmonton.

David and our team really hit it off when talking about what it means to create a community and put people first.

When David found out we would be expanding to Edmonton, he jumped in with both feet, eager to be a part of the community-building in the city.

Check out the video where David answers:

  • Why Coworking?
  • Why are you choosing to be part of coworking? and
  • What do you find special about Work Nicer?

THANK YOU, David, for your support, how deeply you value the entrepreneur community and for your overall Edmonton enthusiasm.

We are so excited to build community alongside you.