March 18, 2021

Talk of the Town: Introducing the Podcast Level Up Fund

Nothing brings people together like a good story. The Work Nicer community is filled with great successes and struggles ready to be shared. Now, Work Nicer and We Edit Podcasts have teamed up to make it easier to share them all. Work Nicer is excited to announce that the We Edit Podcasts x Work Nicer podcast studio is officially open at the Rail Yards outpost.

Wait—that’s not all! 

This last year has been trying, but the community has continued to come together, sharing their challenges, learning from and supporting one another. There are definitely a ton of good stories that are just waiting to be told to the world. That’s why Work Nicer is thrilled to introduce the Podcast Level Up Fund in collaboration with none other than awesome friends and members, We Edit Podcasts. 

So, hit the studio and get chatting—it’s time to launch your podcast!

What is the Podcast Level Up Fund? 

Last year, Work Nicer launched the Talk Nicer Podcast network, a platform that helps members get their podcasting ideas up and running. Now, Work Nicer is excited to partner with We Edit Podcasts and level up the network with their crazy cool, high-quality podcast production suite and super awesome team.

The Work Nicer Podcast Level Up Fund is open to all Work Nicer members who want to spark conversation and share their stories. Until April 30, Work Nicer Coworking will sponsor all accepted applicants for both recording and editing hours with the We Edit Podcasts team. Take your story from idea to super professionally produced and hosted content, leaning on this partnership because no one succeeds alone! Apply to the Podcast Level Up Fund now!

Why should I start a podcast to level up my business? 

Did you know? In 2020, more than 155 million people listened to a podcast weekly, and that number is only growing! Podcasting is a new, unique, and flexible way for businesses and creators to engage, connect, and build relationships with their audience. Hosting your podcast online (for free!) is also a great way to reach more people without needing to break the bank.  With the help of the Work Nicer Podcast Level Up Fund, it’ll be even easier to get your ideas off the ground and into the world!

What’s included?

Members will get a minimum of 1 free hour of recording time in the studio and 1 free hour of editing time with We Edit Podcasts, normally a paid service in the new studio. 

We Edit Podcasts provides all kinds of editing services that’ll make sure you sound your best. This includes:

  • Noise reduction 
  • Audio cleaning
  • Access to sound libraries
  • Volume matching
  • Show notes
  • Transcription 

Basically, they help you sound awesome and super profesh and not like you’re in a dungeon. (Unless that’s what you’re going for, then they help you with that too!)

Learn more about We Edit Podcasts here

How do I apply to the Podcast Level Up Fund?

All you’ll need to do is fill out an application form which should only take you about fifteen minutes. The application is open to all Work Nicer members, so why not give it a try? The Work Nicer team will get back to you in a week, and if your application fits the bill, you’ll be given access to the brand new podcast studio at the Rail Yards outpost, along with the awesome editing services mentioned above.

The application deadline is March 31st, 2021. If you have any questions about the Podcast Level Up Fund, please let us know at [email protected]. We can’t wait to hear your stories!